A bit about us

Who we are?

Nói Tiếng Anh Đi was started in 2015 by Sam Jamieson and Nathan Korus. Their goal was to help change the English language industry of Vietnam from the inside out.

Since then, NTAD has and continues to provide a better experience for everyone involved in the language learning process, from our teachers and academic managers to our clients and students.

Our mission statement

“Inspiring others to change their life through the power of English.”

How we do it

Our mission begins with the belief that happy teachers are better teachers. So taking better care of our teachers became NTAD’s top priority day 1. Sam and Nathan themselves having both taught in Vietnam know the issues ESL teachers here face. Creating a better work environment helps ensure our teachers stay motivated, show up to class with a smile on their face, and in turn, inspire their students. That is what NTAD is all about!

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Meet our founders

Sam Jamieson

Sam is on a mission to leave everything and everyone in his life better than how he found them. For this reason he has always gravitated towards education and has many goals to achieve in this sector. He loves the different challenges and responsibilities that come with leading a company and can’t wait to further spread his influence across Vietnam. Check out his interview below to learn more about Sam, his hobbies and interests, and goals for NTAD!

Nathan Korus

Nathan came to Vietnam from America after spending a year traveling the world. He is an adventurous and ambitious young entrepreneur. He loves the challenges of leadership and making others laugh. “I enjoy problem solving and I’m terrible at spelling. I guess that’s one problem I haven’t figured out how to solve yet.” Check out his interview below to learn more about Nathan, his hobbies, lame jokes, and goals for NTAD!